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Introducing Beta Deltas SALi and BEDI chairwomen

In the spring of 2021 Michigan States Panhellenic Council implemented two new positions for each chapter, the BEDI and the Sally chairwomen. Both of these women in the Gamma Phi Beta chapter work through their positions to help inform our members and the community about important information regarding diversity, inclusivity, information on sexual assault and different outlets. Below we have listed both women that hold these pivotal positions and resources to inform ourselves on.

Resources: About Us


BEDI Chair

The BEDI position is committed to creating a more equitable and safe space, fulfilling all duties in regards to belonging, equity, diversity, and inclusion. As the BEDI chair, it is my responsibility to maintain an inclusive environment within our sorority, and uphold our values as a sisterhood. I am an educator, advocate, and resource for all of our current and future members of Gamma Phi Beta.

Resources: Exec Board


SALI Chair

Sally is all about sexual assault and protecting our sisters. My duty is be a resource to my sisters if anything ever happens to them. I am someone they can come to when they need to talk or confide in someone. I am not allowed to speak about what is told to me and I am not required to report anything. I am for support and am able to guide sisters to resources, testing, counseling or anything they need.

Resources: Exec Board
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